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Sales Trainer Shamus BrownThe following are original sales articles by Shamus Brown, originally published in his EGOPOWER sales newsletter:

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56 5 Persuasion Tactics for One to One Selling
55 3 Reasons Why You Hold Onto Loser Deals
54 Top 10 Excuses for Not Making Your Sales Quota
53 Sales Lessons from a Painful Loss
52 Emotional Sales Buying Decisions
51 Enthusiastic Selling - An Outdated Sales Cliche
50 Why I Hate (Most) Sales Benefit Statements
49 Lock, Stock, & Barrel! - Sales Trivia
48 How Do You Use Your Sales Commissions?
47 Sales Prospecting for Appointments by Email
46 Sales Tactics to Beat Your Competition
45 Improve Your Sales Closing RatioIncludes Online Audio Sales Tip
44 Sales Language: What's Wrong With But?
43 8 Sales Lead Generation Methods
42 The Risk of Being a Yes-Man
41 Sales Prospects Avoiding You?Includes Online Audio Sales Tip
40 7 Sales Skills to Improve On
39 Cold Calling Pressure ReductionIncludes Online Audio Sales Tip
38 Control Your Sales Calls From The StartIncludes Online Audio Sales Tip
37 Build & Protect Your Sales ConfidenceIncludes Online Audio Sales Tip
36 Handling Angry Customers
35 Cold Calling Reluctance
34 Peddlers, Hucksters, & Empty Suits
33 Why Executives Won't Take Your Call
32 Equal Chance Of Winning? Bah!
31 Now Is A Great Time to Sell
30 Sneaky Sales Tactics
29 Don't Let Rattlesnakes Scare You
28 The E-Mail Blow-off
27 3 Ways to Speed-Up Your Sales CycleIncludes Online Audio Sales Tip
26 Obtaining Self Confidence
25 Leveraging Up To Executives
24 Use Pain To Get CommitmentsIncludes Online Audio Sales Tip
23 Impotent Questions - How Much Are They Costing You?Includes Online Audio Sales Tip
22 The Force That Drives Buying DecisionsIncludes Online Audio Sales Tip
21 Don't Be Macho Selling Ice To Eskimos
20 Sales Objections - Where's The Value…?Includes Online Audio Sales Tip
19 Top 5 Characteristics Of Great Salespeople
18 How To Leverage Your Influence
17 My Competitor Has A Better Product!Includes Online Audio Sales Tip
16 How To Sound Just Like A Salesperson
15 Handshake Intimidation
14 How To Blow Rapport Really Fast
13 Top 5 Sales Presentation Tips
12 Planning to Realize Your Goals
11 Achieving Sales Goals Requires Drive and Motivation
10 3 Tips For Getting Past Voicemail Screens
9 Powerpoint Sales Presentation Are Boring - Stop It!
8 Too Much Empathy Will Cost You Money
7 3 Simple Rules For Your Next Sales Call
6 Raise Concern About Sales Competition
5 Use Intense Emotions in Your Sales Presentations
4 Get Instant Rapport On Sales Cold Calls
3 How You Measure Yourself Is How You Motivate Yourself
2 How To Be Outrageously Happy
1 Why There Will Always Be High Paying Sales Jobs
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