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Sales motivation is a primary factor in a sales rep's success. The people who do best in sales, have strong internal direction and sales motivation. By internally motivated, I mean a person who instinctually knows when he is doing the right thing. Contrast this to a person who was externally motivated. This person gets her sales motivation by the strokes she receives from others. In other words, she gets her sales motivation from her external surrounding environment.

Why do people with internal sales motivation tend do best in the sales profession? Because sales is a very emotional game. Sales reps are constantly pulled by competing demands for their attention and time. When you are internally directed, you have the confidence to trust your gut, your instinct, your intuition. This sort of sales motivation guides a sales rep to persevere and become a top performer.

In contrast the person who uses external direction to get his sales motivation, finds himself frequently confused. Should I do what my manager says? Should I do the same thing as what the top sales representative across the country is doing is his territory? Should I do what I heard Tony Robbins tell me do on that late night infomercial? Questions like this just cause emotional turmoil for the externally directed person.

If you want to sell more, learn to trust your gut and develop an internal sense of sales motivation.

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